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The Limitations of Type Classes as Subtyped Implicits, ACM SCALA 2017. [Slides]


Everything old is new: Yesterday's internet as today's infrastructure, Scale by the Bay 2019. [Slides] [Video]

Microservice architecture: A programming languages perspective, Curry On 2019. [Slides] [Video]

Nelson: Functional programming in system design, Scale by the Bay 2018. [Slides] [Video]

Nelson: Functional programming in system design, NEScala 2018 and Scala Taiwan #23. [Slides] [Video]

Persistent Data Structures in System Design, Easy Bay Haskell Meetup, January 2018. [Slides] [Video]

The Functor, Applicative, Monad talk, Scale by the Bay 2017. [Slides] [Video]

Simplicity in composition, Scala World 2017. [Slides] [Video]

All About Applicative, BayHac 2017. [Repo] [Video]

Let the Scala compiler work for you, Typelevel Summit 2017. [Slides] [Video]

Functional Geekery Episode 86, March 2017.

Spoiler by higher-kinded types, Scalae by the Bay 2016. [Slides] [Video]

Checked complexity with typed simplicity, NEScala 2016. [Slides] [Video]

Becoming a cat(s) person, Typelevel Summit 2016. [Video]

Why I Like Functional Programming, LambdaConf 2015. [Slides] [Video]

Reasoning with Types, Scala by the Bay 2014. [Slides] [Video]

Distributed Graph Processing with Scala and Akka, Silicon Valley Scala Symposium 2013. [Slides] [Video]

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