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Tag: #chess

Chess Analysis #01: A Contrast of Man and Machine

This game the engine did not like at all, scoring me at 21.5% accuracy to my opponent's 74.1%. Nevertheless I found it interesting as one of the more tactics-heavy games I've played, and was surprised to see at a certain point the engine actually thought the game in my favor despite me feeling pressed up against the wall. Goes to show the difference between cold blooded machines playing chess versus that of an emotional human.

Chess Analysis #00: A Quick Drink of Scotch

A couple months ago I was browsing YouTube and stumbled across a recording of a Twitch + Pogchamps chess match between Twitch streamers @Hafu and @Fintan Hand. After unexpectedly watching that video in it's entirety (prior to this point I did not consider chess a spectator sport), I was surprised to find myself re-motivated to play chess. I had played chess as a kid, going to after-school classes and enrolling in tournaments and at the time I was probably good enough to hold my own against a random person off the street, but was by no means competitive on say, a state-wide stage.

Since then I've immersed myself back into chess, spending many of my evenings and weekends watching, studying, and playing chess. Fast forward to today, and I thought it might be both beneficial and fun for me to blog analyses of some of my games, both to help improve my own gameplay, but also perhaps to revive this blog.